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Mohamed Yusuf Mohamed

Creative Engineer
United Kingdom

Salaamu Alaykum, My name is Muhammad Yusuf, I am from the UK. I grew up in London and currently study Aerospace Engineering at Manchester. And I present to you, Somali People. Somali people came about because, I see so many Somalis, doing wonderous things, and most us are just not aware. Just not aware that other Somalis are perhaps already doing something we want to do, OR there are Somalis who are doing things which we wouldn’t have imagined Somalis to do. So primarily, I wanted this to be a platform of inspiration. And if possible, depending on how much information you, as a registrant are willing to make available in your card. To allow for other Somalis to be able to connect with you and find support in you. The idea is simple, the process dead easy. And I invite you all to come showcase yourselves to the wider Somali audience. The website is still in it’s early stages with lots more features in the works. Any feedback, ideas or advice would be very welcome. And of course, I do apologise for any errors you come across in the site. It wasn’t me. My hopes for dadka Somali and the Somali People website are one and the same. To become one people. And to support one another in all that we do. This is Muhammad Yusuf giving my Salaam and well wishes to all the Somalis around the world. Bye.